Rust Portal

Rust Portal - portals are intriguing. A doorway into another realm, an alternate world, a different time...



The labyrinth is an analogy for life. It is not a maze or a puzzle to be solved but a path of meaning to be experienced. It is a an edifice created for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation.



Hieroglyphics is inspired by ancient markings found on cave walls, and created with patinaed rusty metal


Enchanted Glen

Enchanted Glen is a small world  within nature, made of moss, rocks, and water, where faeries dwell.


Carribean Jewel

Moonscape is a highly textured mountainscape lit by the moon.



Mixed Media: Acrylic with textures 20x20



Mixed Media: Acrylic with textures 20x20


Bronzed Noir 10×20

Bronzed Noir is a mixed media acrylic abstract with textures. 10x20



"Harvest" is an acrylic abstract autumn inspired piece, with textures and rusty metal. 12x12 on 1.5" gallery wrap canvas.



Moss Mica Noir is a 4x4 mixed media abstract piece with textures and mica.