2021 is a new year – but unlike any other new year. “Happy New Year” seemed to have a different context this year. It’s ending an unprecedented year of political crisis (in the US), the Pandemic, and the very real effects of isolation on all of us.

During this period of isolation, my life has simplified, and then simplified some more. I’ve come down to the existential questions in life. The Meaning, and Purpose of life. I don’t have answers yet (hey, I think this is a journey anyway!)

While peeling back the layers of the onion (the layers being the “busy-ness” and activities that have filled my life since I became an adult), I have experienced and felt so many things. Somehow I let myself not do yoga for 8 months; and saw/felt my body become “old” in that short time. I’ve embraced meditation and a gentle flow practice, and feel I am being re-born. During a recent guided meditation , we were visiting a cave. We were allowed to bring any/all qualities we wanted to the cave (since it is imaginary). When the meditation was over, I realized I had painted this cave, in my piece “Secret Cave”, some many months ago. How interesting and full-circle! This meditative journey is fascinating and life-affirming!

Secret Cave